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April 4, 2021


Yuha Jung

Heading h2

I study the interrelationship between systems theory and cultural diversity in arts and culture organizations. More specifically, I write about a structural and systemic change theory that can affect organizations and their surroundings leading to paradigmatic shifts, rather than changing one part of an organization, which may not be sustainable. Based on this theory, I have co-edited a book entitled, Systems Thinking in Museums: Theory and Practice (2017). My most recent book on this topic is Transforming Museum Management: Evidence-Based Change through Open Systems Theory (2021). Some of my previous publications are found in the following peer-reviewed journals: Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, Museum Management and Curatorship, International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Studies in Art Education, and Qualitative Inquiry.


I am an associate professor and the director of graduate studies of Arts Administration at the University of Kentucky. I am a devoted educator and researcher who is passionate about studying museums and social and cultural justice issues around the arts and cultural organizations and teaching students about them. I primarily teach financial management 

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