I study the interrelationship between systems theory and cultural diversity in arts and culture organizations. More specifically, I write about a structural and systemic change theory that can affect organizations and their surroundings leading to paradigmatic shifts, rather than changing one part of an organization, which may not be sustainable. Based on this theory, I have co-edited a book entitled, Systems Thinking in Museums: Theory and Practice (2017). I also wrote a monograph on this topic, Transforming Museum Management: Evidence-Based Change through Open Systems Theory (2021). Some of my previous publications are found in the following peer-reviewed journals: Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, Museum Management and Curatorship, International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Studies in Art Education, and Qualitative Inquiry. In 2023, I received the National Endowment for the Humanities Research and Development Grant for her project, “Whose History Are We Preserving?: Mapping the Gaps of the National Register of Historic Places from Racial and Ethnic Historical Perspectives.” I coedited the Oxford Handbook of Arts and Cultural Management (2023). I have recently started working on legal research with my JD training (stay tuned for law reviews and more legal research projects coming soon!).

Selected Articles in Refereed Journals
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To see full list of my publications, see my CV.