Service Statement

I committed to four main areas of service: my department, my college, the university, and the field.

Service to Department

I contribute to my department in two major ways: serving on internal committees; and curriculum and program development. For example, I serve on the graduate committee that evaluates graduate admissions and administers graduate exams. I have also chaired and served on several search committees, hiring lecturers and assistant professors in my department. I especially enjoy providing service in curriculum and program development. For example, I have revised two online graduate courses, AAD 520 (Arts and Artists in Society) and AAD 610 (Financial Management for Arts Organizations) in the 2016–17 and 2017–18 academic years respectively. I have taught these courses at UK and was able to revise them based on previous students’ feedback and my thorough understanding of the course content.

Service to College

I am currently serving on the CFA Faculty Advisory Council (2017–present) that advises the dean in making important decisions affecting many members of the college. Previously I have served on the CFA Curriculum Committee (2015–17) and enjoyed learning about and reviewing various new courses and programs that were developed in many units within the college. I also served on the CFA Internal Evaluation Committee (2016–17) that produced the self-study of the college. I provided the final review and edits to the self-study as well as conducting individual and focus group interviews with CFA members. I appreciate the opportunity to work with faculty members from different units through these committees and to contribute to improving my college.

Service to University

I also currently serve on a university committee called Arts in Public Places (2015–present) where we discuss the feasibility, content, and context of existing and new public art on campus therefore making our campus more beautiful and inspiring. In addition, I have visited two partner universities, Edinburgh Centre in Scotland (2017) and Chung-Ang University in South Korea (2014) for the UK International Center to evaluate their facility and quality of instruction for UK students studying abroad.

Service to Field

I strive to be a responsible member of my academic field nationally and internationally by providing service to my direct academic disciplines of arts administration and museum studies in several ways. First, I serve as an associate editor for a major journal, Museum Management and Curatorship. In addition, I review articles submitted to academic journals, including the Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society and Museum Management and Curatorship. By doing so, I have a voice in shaping the fields of arts administration and museum studies and can help others in their writing process. I am also a member of the Association of Arts Administration Educators’ (AAAE) Diversity and Equity Task Force (2017–present), which is responsible for identifying communities that are under-represented in arts administration education student and faculty populations and creating a proposed agenda for action. I have been enjoying the work of this committee as it is related to my passion and primary research area. It has been a great networking opportunity as well, meeting and working with members of my academic community. This work with AAAE and my passion for the organization led to my recent election to be a board member at the same organization. My official duties as a board member start in May 2018.